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Legally, Amina has the right to get pregnant by her husband Peter Gunz but alot of people questioned it when she still chose to have another child knowing that Peter got his Ex Tara Pregnant as well.  Well, Amina finally speaks on the real reason why she got pregnant while Peter Gunz’s ex Tara Wallace was 9 months pregnant.

According to VH1, Amina did not feel bad getting pregnant while his Ex, Tara Was 9 months pregnant.  Here is what she had to say:


VH1: Was there any part of you that felt bad telling Tara that you were pregnant on television while she was nine months pregnant?

No, absolutely not. She don’t feel bad about anything that she does. I don’t know why everyone felt bad for her. Even at the reunion, Peter’s daughter, Whitney was like, I just feel so bad for Tara, that she has to take this. What about me? That’s what I had to say. I feel like even though people say you put yourself into this [and] you know what you were getting into. Everyone is just looking at all the stuff that happened with Tara but it’s both of us. She’s the one that said she is not gonna be with Peter no more and that she is moving on. She should have just been honest and real from the beginning three years ago, three seasons ago. She should have been really honest. I would have said, “Listen, he’s mine and I’m not going no where and he’s with me,” and I would have fought for him.

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