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#bigbinkshow – According to reports around the internet, this happened last year.  With RHOA fighting for every viewer it has, this video might be able to get yet another season of RHOA.


Cynthia Bailey opens up to the morning show crew about her pending divorce with her husband, Peter Thomas, which she says is “days away.” She explains why she’s sure the end of her marriage is the right step, and why she doesn’t think the Real Housewives of Atlanta is responsible for its demise. Sign Up […]

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Legally, Amina has the right to get pregnant by her husband Peter Gunz but alot of people questioned it when she still chose to have another child knowing that Peter got his Ex Tara Pregnant as well.  Well, Amina finally speaks on the real reason why she got pregnant while Peter Gunz’s ex Tara Wallace […]

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  About to be on child number nine, Peter Gunz speaks out about Tara Wallace being pregnant while still married to Amina.

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Cynthia dropped a bombshell to her sister Malorie; she’s not attracted to her husband when he takes his clothes off.   Are you still attracted…

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    Are attention sloring reality star Cynthia Bailey and her broke boo Peter Thomas faking their dirty dog cheating drama for a RHOA storyline? Peter Thomas was recently at a bar seemingly kissing on an unidentified woman before sliding his hands in between her boobs.