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lilD is taking 30 days to see if you can really use Tinder for more than a hookup! Today she went from coffee to a celebrity crush…

Tinder Tales with lilD

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So I’m almost a week in, and this isn’t going so well. But! I’m hopeful that Tinder can be used for more than just a hookup, and that’s why I met this Tinder Guy at a coffee shop.

I ordered my favorite Latte and a veggie wrap, and he got one of those fancy, overpriced waters and a muffin. So we pick a quiet table in the back and start chatting.

Everything is going well at first. He’s wearing nice jeans, nice shirt, and most importantly, his nails are clean. I love the way he says my government name.

So I didn’t tell him what I did for a living, since apparently I’m “contributing to the destruction of black people” by doing radio (see Day 5), so I told him I work in the media. That’s gotta be safe, right?

So we’re talking about my being from Louisiana, and how much I miss crawfish, and he’s telling me how much he loves the Buckeyes…things are going well! But there’s this one thing….

The entire time we’re talking, he’s on his phone. And I mean I couldn’t tell if he was texting, scrolling, or looking through his photo album. After about 6 minutes, I was super annoyed. This is rude; I’m sitting across from you, not on your phone.

Just as I get ready to ask him if I’m boring him, or if he has some amazing nudes in his phone, he says “THAT’S where I know you from!” And this man showed me his phone….which was on Instagram….on my profile.

I was befuddled. I’m not even 100% sure that’s the correct word to use here, but the way it sounds perfectly describes my face and my reaction. Tinder Guy goes on to say “I can’t believe I’m on a date with a celebrity!” We’re in a quiet coffee shop; everyone turns around to see who this “celebrity” is, and they were just as befuddled as I was when they realized he meant me. I ain’t famous!

He starts asking me about the most famous person I interviewed, what’s it really like at a radio station, can he get tickets to see Drake and Future…and not even waiting for me to respond.

Listen. Of course I want to date someone who supports my career. But when that’s ALL you care about….I’m no longer interested.

So…I politely told him this wasn’t gonna work, because he wasn’t interested in ME, only my career. He told me, “so you one of THOSE celebrities who’s too good for the little people?? Should’ve known.”

I think I was more befuddled as the day progressed.

Welp, on to day 7 tomorrow. This is exhausting.

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