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lilD is taking 30 days to see if you can really use Tinder for more than a hookup! Did she really get hit with “Hook me up with your homegirl?”

Tinder Tales with lilD

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Today makes one long, exhausting week since I joined Tinder to see if I could really find love on here. I’m not gonna give up; I’m gonna do the entire 30 days, but listen. Maybe it’ll get worse before it gets better…?

This Tinder Guy and I have been “texting” through the app for a few days. He’s a personal trainer, so his body is RIGHT. Since I run now, I’m super into fitness and ways to better take care of my body. So we decide to meet at the gym. I’m totally okay with that; you’ll see me at my worse, so it’s all uphill from there.

He’s there when I get there, shirt off, drinking out a gallon jug of water, sweat glistening on his chest looking like glaze on a hot doughnut. I hope he didn’t see my eyes stretch, but honey.

So anyway, we start with some light stretches before we get into it. I would really rather work out outside than in a gym, but luckily his gym has a track, because I’m a runner. So we do a couple miles, and he’s impressed that I kept up with him (I almost died, but I am not to be embarrassed).

So after, we shower and decide to go get a protein shake. He’s a super gentleman, and those full lips and perfect white teeth are everything. He’s 32, no kids, degree in nutrition or something. He’s not like, body builder muscular, but more slim and cut, just like I like it.

He knows I do radio, and it cool about it. Asks me about my education, my fitness goals, my family. This is gong really well!!! Did it only take me a week to find love on Tinder…?


So just as I’m about to excuse myself to go to the bathroom and text my bestie that I finally met a good one, he stuck a rusty butter knife through my heart.

First, he starts telling me about the people he knows at the station, but not in a corny, groupie way, so I’m with him. So then he tells me, “of all the people I’ve met at the station, I’ve never met Misty Jordan.” I’m pretty shocked, since everybody knows Misty. So I tell him she’s cool, etc. In the middle of me telling him to listen to her weekdays from 10-3 on Magic 95.5, he interrupts me and says “so listen. I think you’re cool as hell. You care about your body and that’s important. But I wanna ask you something and I don’t want you to get mad.”

It takes a lot to piss me off, so I say “um….okay…what’s up?”

He says “do you think you could introduce me to Misty Jordan? When I saw you were on Tinder, I really just knew it was getting me a step closer to meeting her.”

…….did he just hit me with the “hook me up with your homegirl????” Yes. Yes he did.

Before I knew what I said, my response was “do you think you could grow a set of nuts and introduce yourself?? Good day sir.”

Well my protein shake was delicious.

Sigh. On to day 8…

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