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lilD is taking 30 days to see if you can really use Tinder for more than a hookup! Today….was a good day…

Tinder Tales with lilD

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I’m a very optimistic person, but after 2 straight weeks of craziness with this Tinder mess, I was about to give up hope, and just finish out the experiment because I committed to it. Well….today changed my mind.

This TinderGuy is a sous chef at a restaurant downtown, so naturally we met up for lunch. And he must be the man in these streets, because he shut the restaurant down for an hour, so we were the only ones there! (Either that, or they get no business…LOL)

I’m a vegetarian, and when I tell you he cooked me the most delicious mushroom quesadillas and mango-peach salsa I’ve ever had! I requested this specific meal because I cook it for myself, but his dish blew mine out the water. He had chicken parmesan.

So TinderGuy has always loved to cook; food is his passion like radio is my passion. He’s 29, no kids (waiting on marriage), and just bought a house in Reynoldsburg. He’s looking real good on paper right now.

He has a beautiful smile, smells amazing, and his fingernails were clean. He was the kinda fine where you almost wanna check yourself, like, “is he here with ME?? Is this happening?? Lemme go to the Ladies’ Room and make sure I’m cute enough for him!”

My first fear was that he was gonna be this fine, but have nothing in his head. Nope! We liked the same movies, read the same books…he even schooled me a little on black consciousness. I felt like I was on a date with a grown man.

He knows I do radio for a living, and the first thing he said was, “so what’s your real name? I respect your career, but I don’t wanna get to know lilD. I want to know who YOU are.” HONEY.

He looked me in the eye, smiled, and made me feel like the prettiest girl in the room. I mean come on, the man SHUT DOWN A RESTAURANT FOR ME. Sheesh.

So where did this date go wrong…..?

It didn’t. He might be a winner.

I’m gonna finish out the 30-day challenge, but I might have found my man!