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Via Hiphopwired:

Nicki Minaj called in to Ebro In The Morning to talk about her boyfriend Meek Mill’s multiple beefs and how it’s good for his career.

Say what you want about Meek Mill‘s multiple beefs over the last year, but at least it has everybody talking about him and waiting to see what he does next. At least that’s what his girlfriend Nicki Minaj thinks.

In an interview with Ebro In The Morning the rapper/pop star expressed that she thinks Meek’s profile has benefited from his name being in so many people’s mouths.

She says:

“I do not believe there’s any such thing as negative publicity. And that’s what I tell him. You must have something that people see in you. Look, there’s a lot of things that I know about other rappers that I keep quiet. As a man and as a rapper and as an artist, he runs his shit the way I run my shit. He’s the boss of his stuff. I don’t wanna really step in too much because it’s not my place. Behind the scenes, I’m such a rapper that I’m always critiquing even with him, I’ll critique him, but he gotta live his own life at a certain point in terms of his career choices.”

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