COVID-19 has disrupted everything. From personal to professional, just about all that we are accustomed to has changed or adjusted to accommodate prevention of spreading the virus. There have been speculation about meat shortages for weeks now. Many production plants have shut down or slowed down due to this global pandemic. Now, companies like […]

I gotta give props to Lil Baby because usually when people put them started cables on you and it’s over how you make your livelihood usually it doesn’t end well for both parties involved. Lil Baby says that from the jump people had been trying to get him to beef with DaBaby because their names […]

Approximately 2,020 pounds of raw ground beef products that may be contaminated with plastic are being recalled by the Amity Packing Company Inc. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture‚Äôs Food Safety and Inspection Service on Friday, the affected products were produced on Jan. 6 and were shipped to retail locations in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, […]

Remember when Rich Homie and Young Thug used to be boys! When they 1st came out they were inseparable and they were not just industry friends but friends friends. And according to Rich Homie said that egos and their influences around them led to their beef, and things haven’t been the same since until now […]

Just yesterday in the “City News” I said “I hope that YFN Lucci and Young Thug’s beef stays on wax and doesn’t spill over into the streets” well so much for that dream lol because YFN Lucci just committed the ultimate no no when he put a tweet out saying he smashed Thugger’s chick. This […]

The 614

Some believe this problem dates back to the “Jim Crow Laws” where slave owners pitted old against young , woman against men, mother against daughter and father against son. It was a set of laws put in place to keep slaves in line and one of the biggest laws that some black people still hold […]

Cardi B has been making her rounds in the political post on social media over the last few weeks and things got even more heated over the weekend after a post she made caught the attention of Fox News Tomi Lahren Cardi chimed in on the Government Shutdown that occurred when Congress¬†failed to reach a […]

This is all about Growth, and I am here for this. The long beef between rapper the Game, and Meek Mill is over. The Game and Meek apparently been squashed the beef, when Meek was behind bars according to the Game, in a post he put on instagram. Check it out below I am all […]

Some are calling it white on white crime lol and some are calling it straight BS. Danielle Bregoli’s aka Bhad Bhabie’s 15 mins are about done and to stay relevant she’s picked a fight with none other than………..Iggy Azalea WHY???? According to TMZ sources are saying that it all started when Iggy talked $hit on […]

These two not squashing nothing anytime soon. Just when you though the two queens in hip-hop were moving on from their scuffle at a New York Fashion Show months ago think again. Nicki Minaj just had to bring back up the mess between her and Cardi B. Now the Barb is claiming her overnight bestie […]


It seems that everyday rappers are changing they’re minds, some violent BS will pop off and everyone is talking peace and being positive and after about a week…wait no……a day…..wait no…….a hour of nobody saying anything and those same people who just became peaceful shift right back into the BS. And what’s so crazy ain’t […]

The 614

The threat of salmonella has caused grocery stores to pull beef from the shelves. An Arizona based company, JBS Tolleson, Inc., is recalling 6.5 million pounds of beef that may contain salmonella. Packaged meat is from July 26 to September 7 and distributed nationwide. At least 57 people in 16 states reported getting sick after […]