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Some are calling it white on white crime lol and some are calling it straight BS. Danielle Bregoli’s aka Bhad Bhabie’s 15 mins are about done and to stay relevant she’s picked a fight with none other than………..Iggy Azalea WHY???? According to TMZ sources are saying that it all started when Iggy talked $hit on social media, asking why would anyone even go to one of Bhabie’s shows. That’s all Bhad needed going nuclear on Iggy on social media, one thing I can say about Bhad Bhabie when she says on site it’s on site for real lol but you hopefully you noticed that she didn’t go after anyone that would hit back . The craziest thing about this is, if things had escalated and Iggy actually got a chance to put her hands on Danielle, Iggy would’ve went to jail for hitting a minor lol crazy right check out the video via TMZ …