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Some believe this problem dates back to the “Jim Crow Laws” where slave owners pitted old against young , woman against men, mother against daughter and

father against son. It was a set of laws put in place to keep slaves in line and one of the biggest laws that some black people still hold on today is the treatment of

light skin slaves who worked in the house and dark skin slaves that mostly worked in the field. This problem has reared it’s ugly head once again when Beyonce’

dad said that Bey benefited in her career because she was light skinned and in a recent video shoot rapper/singer Tory Lanez stopped a director of his newest

video in his tracks when he tried to replace a dark skinned model in the video with a model that was light skinned. Mostly this is something that joked about or

unspoken but if you fall at the far end of either then you’ve probably had a situation where you judged because of the color of you skin. I’m dark skinned aka

black as hell lol and I’ve been told that it would be better for me in the work field if I stayed away from having a goatee and braids because on a dark skinned

man those things are intimidating WTF??? There are so many other things that have happened that it’s become expected to be stereotyped because i’m of the

darker hue. And I know it’s just as bad the other way, but why???? So What do you think? Does this problem still exist and if your answer is yes then what  can be

done so this problem doesn’t effect the next generation so bad??