The College Football Playoff is the best postseason in major American sports. The Ohio State Buckeyes are taking part in it for the second time in three years. Affection and elation are mandatory.

This is fun, right?

“Fun?” Meyer asked in return.

Yes. Fun.

“It is great. It is great. It’s great for the players,” Meyer said recently, obviously struck by the hard-hitting nature of fun. “I mean, it’s hard now. What our guys are getting ready to go through is really hard. Those four teams, all the teams, are getting ready to go play big-time bowl games.

“I don’t use that word ‘fun’ very often. It’s very rewarding. It’s why you come to Ohio State. The greatest fun of all is when you jog off the feel victorious. We’re going to do everything we can to have that feeling again.”


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