In The Community

According to although Pride Month may be ending,  cities across our region held their own events to support the L-G-B-T-Q community. Gahanna’s started around 7 pm Thursday evening. Gahanna community members marched a half-mile from Friendship Park to City Hall. People carried rainbow balloons and wore their pride gear. Lifelong Gahanna resident Katie Bennett […]

Columbus, Ohio has a huge culture of eating locally grown foods. There are many people here that are able to get these ingredients but, some will be leaving the community. This will indeed lead more people to have a struggle to find the food they need. ACRE a local business set to bring more locally […]


    Over the weekend, postal workers and communities across the country banded together helped those struggling to put food on the table. The “Stamp Out Hunger” effort commenced on Saturday and is the largest one day food drive in the nation. About 10,000 postal workers throughout the United States participated in this drive to […]

The 614

  A restaurant located inside Polaris Fashion Mall has come under fire after a complaint of a rodent being cooked inside a take out order!! A woman claims she discovered a cooked rodent inside of her teriyaki chicken takeout she purchased from Yihi Japan. Inspectors with the Columbus Health Department made sure to drop by the […]

A new gunfire detection system introduced in Columbus has gone live in the Hilltop neighborhood, the city announced Thursday. The system uses a microphone to listen for and record gunfire in the area and sends location information to police cruisers in the neighborhood. Police hope this system will help law enforcement respond faster, and more quickly […]

This is the time as parents we have to teach and inform our children about Serious situations. For instance kids are being shot every single day, the las thing you want to do is give someone a reason on an accident shoot you, and playing with a BB Gun pointing it at people, is one […]

This is absurd but research shows that Online Shoppers are stunting for the gram. According to a survey commissioned by credit card company Barclays, its seems online shoppers (predominately in the UK) are running up a bill online to just return clothes less than 72 hours after the fact. the survey does give you some […]

Game 2 is here for the Ohio State Buckeyes, they have a game against Scarlett Knights, Saturday 3:30PM Is it banging or what? O-H……


Be aware of how you’re spending your money! There have been so many Scams that took place in central Ohio this past June. The government grant scam has been the one to trick consumers the most, which is a where consumers get a phone call regarding a grant from the government, but first must pay […]

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is offering free admission to dads for Father’s Day. Fathers and grandfathers who are accompanied by at least one child/grandchild (regardless of age) can get into the zoo for free on Sunday. So if you have not made any plans for fathers day, swing on down to the Columbus Zoo […]

This will definitely be a relief for a lot of commuters who have to come to work or school downtown. For one its going to save them some money, whether thats gas money, or paying for those downtown meters. It will also help a lot of people to avoid traffic. C-Pass, the free bus pass […]

Tis the season of Festivals to be upon us, and with so many going on, it can get bit confusing of the when and where the Festivals will be. Of course I’m looking forward to the gay PRIDE festival, because of the colors, and the free spirits that will flood the streets of downtown Columbus. […]