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Lil Yachty Thinks He’s Clever

Lil Yachty

Source: Price Social / Prime Social

So Lil Yachty performed at SXSW, and was dogging the crowd for their lack of energy.

Someone in the crowd said “You got no energy!” Yachty starts getting gangster, and then the impeccable thuglife of his crew took over. What did they do to make sure everyone knows not to mess with Yachty…? They threw water on him. Ohhh I get it: he goes by ‘Lil Boat’…so they drowned out the hater….? You’re so clever.

via HipHopWired

Gucci Mane’s Ghostwriter

Gucci Mane

Source: Promo / Atlantic Records

Gucci Mane posted the cover of his upcoming autobiography on Twitter. So Gucci is out here working out, engaged, eating kale….and wrote a book about his life thus-far. So after writing all these pages, expressing his intellectual side, what did his Twitter caption say….? “I’m an author now.” Hmm….welp, hopefully his ghostwriter has a broader vocabulary.

See who helped write the book here.

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