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Ok so heres the catch, these phone will cost you anywhere from $800-$1000! Which lets just say isn’t far off from what the other iPhones have cost us in the past.

The 10th anniversary iPhone(s) will be released this year and we’re going to see some big updates. We’re expecting a glass and stainless steel redesign with a bezel-less OLED display, facial recognition, updates to 3D Touch, improved waterproofing, wireless charging, and more.

A lightbox shows the new iPhone 7 and wireless earbud in an...

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Analysts are predicting that the iPhone 8 will outsell the iPhone 6 as there is a larger base of iPhone users waiting to upgrade than ever before. Speaking of an upgrade though those that have an iPhone 5 may not be able to use their phone seeing that the upgrade will be too much for that version.

Are you getting an iPhone 8?

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