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Say goodbye to those late-night drunk, “You up?’ texts. According to, Apple is reportedly testing a new feature for iMessage that would let iPhone users unsend text messages. The report says that both the recipient and sender would be notified when a message is rescinded. So just think those 5 pages investigative reports y’all […]

Any Apple iPhone user that has been around for a while is familiar with the struggles of not upgrading your phone in a timely manner. Or rather, when Apple says so. If you’ve ever tried to hold on to your beloved, older model iPhone, more than likely, you experienced very slow processing speeds or just […]

Sexual harassment and assault cases have found themselves at the forefront of many conversations in many different environments. From movies and music, to corporate America, it seems as if no one is exempt from the truth eventually surfacing. The #MeToo movement has ushered in a much-needed wave of victims finally feeling supported and free enough […]

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Apple is set to launch its new devices including “Pro” iPhones, upgrades to iPads and its largest laptop in years in the next few weeks and months according to Bloomberg. The reports states the company is planning to announce three new iPhones at an event next month, with sales likely to begin in mid-to-late September, […]


So yesterday night some people notice that you could FaceTime someone, and even thought the person didn’t not answer the FaceTime you could still hear the person you’re calling conversation. Apple noticed they had a BUG, FaceTime glitch that is. The minute you would FaceTime someone and add your own number to the group chat […]


Yooooo!!! This is wild! Apple is out here trying to end relationships and get people killed with a new bug found in Facetime that allows anyone to immediately hear the audio coming from their phone — before the person on the other end has accepted or rejected the incoming call. Apple says the issue will […]


Ok so heres the catch, these phone will cost you anywhere from $800-$1000! Which lets just say isn’t far off from what the other iPhones have cost us in the past. The 10th anniversary iPhone(s) will be released this year and we’re going to see some big updates. We’re expecting a glass and stainless steel redesign […]

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#bigbinkshow –   You ever wondered what happens when you go under the knife to get your booty worked on and days, months, weeks go by?  Well, it starts to leak; yup,  juices start to flow outside the booty and before you know it,  you are on a set filming and you have to do […]

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#bigbinkshow – if you have cheek deficiencies, now is your chance to get your BOOTY POP!  On sale Now!!!!  Look at the tutorial below.

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#bigbinkshow – This summer,  whether you are a Male or Female, you can lay all in Kim Kardashian’s Buns,  but its gonna take $98.00 to do it.  According to reports, Kim Kardashian is selling a flotation device that is formed in the shape of her BUTT!  Make sure you have your $10.00 for shipping so […]

Beyonce drops hints about some major techie news to come.

When it comes to the next generation of iPhones, there is already a bit of controversy.