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lilD 12 Days of Christmas 2017

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Each year lilD, through her website GrindingInRealLife.com, allows 12 girls to live their dreams for a day, by shadowing a woman in their desired career field. She calls it “12 Days of Christmas.” This is Chloe’s journey of becoming an engineer!

lild 12 days of christmas saige

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Huge thank you to Rosalee of Vital Plug Media for all her help!!!

For more information on how your child can participate, click here.

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 1: Makaela Becomes an Animator! [WATCH]

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 2: Kylie Becomes an Actress! [WATCH]

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 3: Valerie Becomes a Vet! [WATCH]

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 4: Janiah Becomes a Singer! [WATCH]

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 5: Evon Becomes a Dancer! [WATCH]

lilD’s #12DaysOfChristmas Day 6: Chloe Becomes an Engineer! [WATCH]