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The next time you renew your Ohio Drivers license at the Department of Motor Vehicles things will be different!  Starting July 2, 2018 major changes will start in the process of getting your license weather it’s a renewal or your first time being issued a license.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Ohio drivers license:

  • First thing you’ll notice is that the look of your drivers license is different.
  • You WILL NOT walk out with a new license in your hand!  The DMV will now send your your new license via mail.  So our advice is go early because the DMV is saying it will take about 10 days to arrive!  Waiting till your renewal date probably isn’t the best thing to do anymore
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  • You will walk out of the door with a temporary card/confirmation of driving privileges until the card arrives in the mail.  But still go early to renewal because mail gets lost and stuff happens.
  • You now have the option to get an Compliant Card or a Standard Card.  What’s the difference?  According to the Ohio DMV, “Compliant Card – can use to fly, enter federal facilities or military bases. Must provide all required identity documents.”  The only visual difference is a star is added to a Compliant Card.  Buying alcohol, registering to vote etc will all be the same with both a Compliant Card and Standard Card.
  • The best news of all this change is that the prices WILL NOT change.

For more info on the new Ohio licenses click here 

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