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I guess we can say one time for EQUALITY!

According this research Men took a pill once a day and had their sperm read in different ways to where there would be no reproduction.

Via LoveBScott;

The drug, called dimethandrolone undecanoate, or DMAU, is the latest development in the push toward creating a male version of the more than 50-year-old female birth control pill, the study’s author said.

Some side effects experienced by a small number of the men included small weight gains, a slight drop in “good” cholesterol and a decreased sex drive. But, the researchers noted, many more women experience these and other symptoms from various birth control pills — but the oral contraceptives still remain popular and tolerable.

Im actually looking forward tho this coming to fruition. These men would no longer be having 10 baby mommas, They have a right to protect themselves from getting trapped! I know  a few who need this pill today !

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