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Amber Rose Joins 'KYST' Aids Awareness Tour For Atlanta

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If you were unsure whether Amber Rose is dating Lil Pump, she just made the truth loud and clear.

Popping up on the scene with a rapper boo in toe wouldn’t be a surprise coming from Amber. The model has been linked to many names in the industry whether they were an official couple or salacious rumor. The most recent person people have been trying to pair Rose with was Lil Pump. However, Rose let it be known that that was a reach.

Amber took to social media to make a very obvious PSA.

“Please stop saying I’m dating Lil Pump I’m old enough to be his mother.”

That isn’t an exaggeration given that she’s 34-years-old and Pump is a not-even-legal 17.

On top of that, Amber has recently been very open about her emotions for ex-beau 21 Savage. Posting a throwback picture of the couple on her page with a lengthy caption about missing the rapper showed a clear sign that she hasn’t moved on and isn’t ashamed to admit it.

Source: Vladtv