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Did Hov had a son on Beyonce during his dirty dog days?

Rymir Satterthwaite, 24, is back in the spotlight sticking to his story that Jay-Z is his father.

Back in 2015, Rymir was thrown in the spotlight after he went on a press tour claiming Hov to be his father. That was before we knew that Jay was out here #DoinTheMost behind Beyonce back.



For most of their relationship, the Carters kept their rocky marriage quite until both release albums Lemonade and 4:44. Now Rymir, who was once publicly dragged for claiming Jay could be his father, is coming back with vengeance.

Rymir is sticking to his story which he has told again to The Sun that his mom Wanda and Jay had a brief fling. Wanda was soon pregnant.



“The most recent lawsuit, filed in Philadelphia and seen by Sun Online, claims that one attorney they hired was actually “best friends and neighbors” with Jay-Z’s lawyer. It claims that Jay-Z’s attorney made Wanda sign legal papers while she was in hospital recovering from a medicated coma which replaced Lillie’s name on the petition – without consent – and for “nefarious reasons. The name change, done while Wanda was “in distress” and thinking she was doing the right thing for her son, caused the case to be thrown out.”


I mean jay even said it himself he was out here fareal fareal and had a whole lot of side pieces for a majority of his relationship with Beyonce. Odds look like he may have slipped up. It doesn’t help that Rymir looks like Jay too.

Source: The Sun