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Before you start your car and walk away from it check out this warning.

I know I wish I had a keyless ignition right about now. With the freezing temps hitting Central Ohio hard this week, many have been putting their keyless ignition to good use. However, before you step out today and warm up your car while you wait indoors, you may want to consider these dangers.

According to the New York Times, “28 people have died and 45 others have been injured since 2006 by carbon monoxide emissions from vehicles accidentally left running when drivers thought they were off.”

Columbus Fire Battalion Chief Steve Martin cosign this fact.

“Somebody may be on a Bluetooth cellphone call, so as they pull into the garage, they’re on the phone, they’re thinking about whatever conversation their having, they put the car in park, while they’re still on the phone. They go inside, forgetting to hit the button to turn the car off,” he said.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a scary reality. For best practices to use your keyless ignition properly go to 10TV.

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