The 614

While most students are ecstatic about school shutting down for the rest of the school year, there are some students that are crushed and these would be the senior and the students-athletes that had state title aspirations. Today at 1 pm the Ohio High School Athletic Association will announce the cancellation of all winter sports […]

The 614

I’ve always said and I’ll say it again anytime people say that people in Columbus can’t drive when that statement is made it usually comes from a person that didn’t grow up here but an out of towner that moved to his great city. Listen to us natives of the 614 grew up driving, walking […]


  Faith Mission and the Choices Domestic Violence Shelter have announced that are desperately in need of winter coats. Lutheran Social Services say the organizations gave away their last coat on Friday. They say the recent cold weather snap completely depleted their supply. “I think it’s just changed so quickly in the last week that […]

The 614

Before you start your car and walk away from it check out this warning. I know I wish I had a keyless ignition right about now. With the freezing temps hitting Central Ohio hard this week, many have been putting their keyless ignition to good use. However, before you step out today and warm up […]

The 614

We have to do our best to look out for one another this winter. I couldn’t imagine being homeless right now. Unfortunately, that is the reality for some of our youth and adults here in Central Ohio. Here is a few shelters that are making accommodations to help those who are looking for a warm […]

The 614

This advice is definitely needed! The Columbus Division of Police has seen first hand how this bitterly cold winter has had a toll on drivers so far this year. Police are warning drivers if they do not need to travel tomorrow to stay home. “When it’s cold out, when it’s this cold, you’re putting yourself at […]

#BIGBINKSHOW – We haven’t really had no snow this year so it seems like Winter won’t be so bad in Columbus right?  This morning the big homie Punxsutauney Phil (the big hairy groundhog below) saw his shadow which means that there will be another 6 weeks of Winter in the 614……Damn………….. right? Source: Jeff Swensen […]

There has been a lot of talk about vaccines and whether or not they are actually harmless- so what’s the truth? Listen to the audio player…

More snow has hit Central Ohio once again bringing low temps and unsafe road travel.  Check out closings and delays here in the Central Ohio area.

February 18, 2006 On this date: Shani Davis ~ (speed skater) becomes the first Black to be awarded with an individual gold medal in the Winter Olympics .   For more information on today’s movers and shakers as well as key moments in black history, check out:        

Frankenstorm is set to be here right before Halloween. Forecasters are predicting a wintry, snowy, and windy storm to hit the East coast by next Tuesday. The storm is a combination of Hurricane Sandy, which just hit Cuba, moving north, a wintry storm from the West, and frigid air coming South from Canada. With all […]

Written by K.MiL – via With The Cold Winter months looming, it’s time to start gearing up for the chilly temperatures ahead. Check out these Beanie Hats from Patta x Kangol that will have your ears loving you the entire winter.