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I’ve always said and I’ll say it again anytime people say that people in Columbus can’t drive when that statement is made it usually comes from a person that didn’t grow up here but an out of towner that moved to his great city. Listen to us natives of the 614 grew up driving, walking and living day to day in this crazy ass weather, we’ve made it thru blizzards, level 1,2, and 3 snowstorms, and even snow in July! And for someone to move here and talk *hit it just pisses you off but it is what it is and we just gotta teach them how to maneuver through this unpredictable Columbus weather. That’s why I believe it’s so great that a driving school instructor has put out some driving tips to help all of these bad out of town drivers. Here are the tips to get you home safely…. Full Story Click Here 

  • Drive slowly
  • Keep your distance between you and the car in front of you
  • Tap your brakes several times before you come to a complete stop
  • If you can’t see, get off the road – Do not drive with snow/rain on your windshield