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Atlanta Area Residents Continue To Deal With After Effects Of Winter Storm

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The Columbus Division of Police has seen first hand how this bitterly cold winter has had a toll on drivers so far this year. Police are warning drivers if they do not need to travel tomorrow to stay home.

“When it’s cold out, when it’s this cold, you’re putting yourself at risk,” said CPD Motorcycle Unit Sgt. Joe Curmode.

The expected wind chill for Wednesday is going to be -4 degrees. This can take a toll on a car’s tires, brakes, engine, and batteries. Sgt. Curmode says new cars are not immune to the effects of the polar vortex.

“Cars are made out of a lot of moving parts and those parts become brittle in the cold weather and can fail,” said Sgt. Curmode.

Tow trucks are expected to be busy Wednesday and throughout the winter. Making drivers have to wait up to an hour or in some cases longer. This can pose a danger to drivers sitting out in the cold.

“They’re wearing a pair of gym shorts and tennis shoes and a t-shirt and it’s 5-degrees out,” said Sgt. Curmode. “It happens all the time, and that’s why we keep preaching be prepared.”

Sgt. Curmode says to always keep your phone charged, have a charger in your car, blankets and dress warmly everytime you step outside.

Columbus police said if you do get stranded, call the police radio room at 614-645-4545 and an officer will make sure help is on the way.

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