Does Drake believe that M.J. was a monster?

Michael Jackson and Macauley Culkin

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Many artists have come out to Michael Jackson’s defense since the airing of “Leaving Neverland.” T.I., Juice WRLD, John Legend, and others have spoken for the dead pop icon.

However, it looks like one of the biggest names in music is taking a stance in the matter and it is creating some drama. Drake has officially removed Don’t Matter To Me hit off his Assassination Vacation setlist.

Drake was reportedly performing to this song as well during the beginning of his current tour. Now the OVO honcho has dropped the song from his U.K. tour.

Drake and Migos Tour

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The Champagne Papi hasn’t come out to explain why he made this change or that he indeed believes the accusations towards Jackson. You know what they say though, action speaks louder than words.

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