President Trump Signs a Memorandum on Addressing China

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Is this your king? I can’t believe the fact that he would try and take away education from so many Americans. The POTUS should believe in educating its people, and doing whatever it takes to make sure that Americans excel, and are educated.

So why this proposal for a budget cut in the education department.

The Trump administration is looking to decrease the Education Department’s funding by $7.1 billion compared to what it was given last year, this will be apart of next year’s proposed budget.

The budget proposal suggests eliminating 29 programs, including after-school and summer programs for students in high-poverty areas, but wait theres more.

It is unlikely to pass through Congress – especially with Democrats in control of the House, however, we can clearly see where the Trump Administration priority stands.

In a statement on Monday, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said the proposed cuts show “commitment to spending taxpayer dollars wisely and efficiently by consolidating or eliminating duplicative and ineffective federal programs.” She also spoke about education freedom, giving americans a choice to choose education or not.


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