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  After witnessing an unbelievable display of aggression and violence at the U.S. Capital yesterday, many of us are left fearful and very much curious as to what will happen next. We watched Pro-Trump supporters forcefully attempt to take over Congress in efforts to potentially destroy and riot against the electoral ballots. Our democracy was […]

The 614

The country is filled with mix emotions after one of our own cities experience gun violence over the weekend. Dayton, Ohio and the US mourn the lives that were lost by the hands of a gunman Sunday morning. A candlelight vigil was held in Dayton’s Oregon District Sunday night that was filled with sorrow and […]

President Donald Trump is trending on instagram for the wrong reasons, and this time fans are not letting him live it down. Over the weekend the President made some comments towards four congresswoman, 3 of which who are from here and 1 of them who is from a Somalian country. Check the tweet out People […]

The 614

Thanks a lot Trump! via GIPHY One of my happy places on earth is Walmart. It just one of those places when you walk in looking for one thing and leave with a shopping cart of stuff you may or may not need but you had to buy cause of the great prices. Well, those […]

Is this your king? I can’t believe the fact that he would try and take away education from so many Americans. The POTUS should believe in educating its people, and doing whatever it takes to make sure that Americans excel, and are educated. So why this proposal for a budget cut in the education department. […]

Judge David J. Hale made the decision to reject President Donald Trump’s defense against a lawsuit that claims he provoked violence against protesters at one of his rallies.

President Trump is no stranger when it comes to voicing his opinion, especially on Twitter. When he caught wind of Snoop Dogg’s latest video for “Lavender,” he wasn’t too thrilled about the “Ronald Klump” character. What are your thoughts on the video? Of course, everyone can argue freedom of speech, and President Trump was […]

John Wilson, President, Morehouse College, says he doesn’t know if Trump’s HBCU executive order will make an impact.

While the hip hop world was going crazy over Remy Ma’s diss track against Nicki Minaj the political followers were clutching “paying their respect” to President Donald Trump after he got dragged in a single tweet from Senator Bernie Sanders. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! President Trump as always was boasting about his “millions of […]

President Donald Trump's former Wharton classmates revealed that he wasn't an academic standout.

A leaked audio file captures President Donald Trump inviting members of his Bedminster golf club to join his presidential transition meetings.

What’s happening in state capitols, city halls, and school boards have more of a direct effect on our daily lives than Washington politics.