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Guess what day it is?! It’s Pi Day!
Pumpkin Pie

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For those who don’t or didn’t pay attention in math then you have no clue to what’s going on! Pi day is a yearly celebration for the mathematical constant π. Pi Day is observed on March 14 since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of π.  With the play of Pi similar to pie, its a lot of popular chain restaurants joining the celebrations with discounts and deals. Below is a list of a few places with low-cost food:
Pizza Pie

— BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse: Get a mini one-topping pizza for $3.14.

— Blaze Pizza:With the app, get $3.14 pizzas all day long. One per customer.

— Cici’s: Get an adult buffet a large drink, get one for $3.14 with a special coupon.

— Hungry Howie’s: Get a medium, one-topping pizza for $3.14 with the purchase of any Howie Bread with promo code 19PI. Only good on carryout orders.

— Villa Italian Kitchen: Get a full-size Neapolitan cheese pizza for $3.14 with coupon.

Fruit/Meat Pie

— Bakers Square: Get $2 off any pie. Double crust and fruit pies will be baked with the pi symbol.

— Boston Market: Get a free rotisserie chicken pot pie with the purchase of another pot pie and drink with a coupon.

— California Pizza Kitchen: Get a slice of key lime pie for $3.14.

— Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen: Order a homemade chicken

— Kroger: Multiple pies are available for $3.14.

— Whole Foods: Get a large bakery pie for $3.14 off the regular price.

*The offers are good at participating locations only. *

This list was provided by Fox8.com