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Multiple allegations of inappropriate behavior have been aimed at the assistant principal.

A parent of the student at Westland High School is reporting that her son is being harassed.

Catina Curry says the school’s Assitant Principal Jason Weese’s interaction with her son has been inappropriate since 2017. The school did an investigation but concluded that there was “no evidence to back up her claims.” So far this school year, Curry has filed another complaint in January and hired a lawyer on her case.

“It had gotten so bad that we had to get an alternative for him going to school,” Curry said.

Curry says her 18-year-old son was never physically harmed but Weese would always make it his agenda to follow him everywhere in the hallways.

“Just bullying, just taunting, just trying to get him lit so he would act,” she said.

The mom says that her son would skip school to avoid any trouble with the assistant principal and was scared he would get him kicked off the football team.

As mention, Curry’s son was not in a physical altercation but we reported that Weese has recently been caught on tape removing a student from a cafeteria by force. Weese is seen putting the student in what looks like to be a choke hold. The district says it immediately reported the incident to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department and placed Weese on paid administrative leave until the investigation into the incident was complete, according to 10TV.

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