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The tragic passing of Nipsey Hussle is the loss of a true Hip Hop legend and all around extraordinary man.

He was fatally shot Sunday in Los Angeles in front of his Marathon Clothing store. Thus far, fans, peers and fellow artists have united in sharing powerful memories of Hussle’s long-lasting impact.

The reoccurring theme among the outpour of comments from fans and those who knew him alike has been Hussle’s relentless commitment to his community. In fact, Los Angeles Police Commission President Steve Soboroff revealed, the Grammy nominated artist was scheduled to meet with LAPD officials today for a planned discussion on gang violence prevention methods. Nipsey was heavily committed to his cause and his community.

In honor of Nipsey Hussle, the Los Angeles Police department will continue to sit down with Roc Nation in order to discuss gang violence and solutions on how to prevent the violence in L.A.

Roc Nation’s Jay Brown organized the summit about three months ago, reaching out to L.A. Police Commissioner, Steve Soboroff, on Hussle’s behalf. 

In the wake of his untimely death, Soboroff took to Twitter to express his condolences, and open up about the rapper’s intentions to help kids and end gang violence. 


Jay Brown requested, in honor of Hussle and his mission, the meeting would still happen. In the West Coast rapper’s absence, someone from Roc Nation will attend in his place. 

“I know in my heart that it’s a higher power and a higher value to what we can do.”- Nipsey Hussle

Source: Complex, BallerAlert