Today a robbery was caught on camera! Now, it’s understood that this wouldn’t be the first time sketchy burglars are caught on video but this time the suspects were filmed by an NBC4 photographer at the time of the crime. The incident occurred around 9 a.m. Saturday at International Market Foods located at 3120 […]


If you need a new job you better RUN to Taco Bell and get that BAG!!! Taco Bell has just announced that they will be offering some store managers a salary of $100,000 to help attract works and to keep the ones currently working at the stores. The best part of this huge announcement is […]


The holiday season tends to open many hearts and minds to recognize the millions of people who constantly go without. Many people struggle year round and people who relate very closely to the struggle are now taking steps to help change that. In Columbus, several areas are known to be more in need than others. […]

We may not be getting The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air back anytime soon, but Will Smith is determined to make sure you can at least be as fresh as he was on the legendary show. Smith took to social media this week and announced the release of his Fresh Prince fashion line. The Fresh Prince-inspired […]

The 614

Before I take my daughters into any store I always and I mean always tell them this “You don’t Want nothing, You don’t Need nothing and you can’t Touch nothing. Sounds good but it goes in one ear and out the other lol they ask for everything , it’s like what I said didn’t even […]


People will do any and everything to go viral, let’s all pray and hope that this doesn’t become a challenge because if it does no one will ever shop at any grocery store again. This might be one of the nastiest things i’ve ever seen and i watched 2 girls and a cup lol, what […]


  The tragic passing of Nipsey Hussle is the loss of a true Hip Hop legend and all around extraordinary man. He was fatally shot Sunday in Los Angeles in front of his Marathon Clothing store. Thus far, fans, peers and fellow artists have united in sharing powerful memories of Hussle’s long-lasting impact. The reoccurring […]

The 614

Just a note to all bank robbers out there….. what you see in the movies never works. Melissa J. Moore found that out the hard way when she passed a note to the bank teller at the Huntington Bank inside of Giant Eagle on Stringtown rd. Don’t really know how she thought she’d pull this […]

#bigbinkshow  –   This was all over Facebook this past weekend.  A store employee decided that he was going to play Cop and try to detain a customer until the authorities arrived.  The store employee was an older white man and the victim was a young black woman.  Look at the video and you tell […]

Source: Getty / Getty #bigbinkshow – What the hell is happening these days?  A little girl was snatched by a predator in front of her MOM in a store in broad daylight!!!  Check out the Video Here!!!!!!  

Beyonce took public relations into her own hands and did some damage control on her personal Instagram where she posted photos of her and sister Solange.

When you are hungry, what do you do? You make your to the store to get you something to eat. But you just can’t wait to you get to the cash register. You eat the food right there on the spot.  Is that considered stealing?