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After losing her daughter and son-in-law to a horrible tragedy in 2015 Crystal Turner started the nonprofit organization called “A Hand Up to Success” this nonprofit organization helps families through these tough times by offering resources to families that have been impacted by trauma. Crystal Turner hosted a town hall meeting called  “Walking a Mile […]

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Not only is she beautiful but she’s a wonderful after meeting a fan and posting for a pic she found out that same fan was killed after leaving the club. His cousin posted the pic thanking Megan for taking the pic and how he was glad his cousin had a chance to meet her because […]


  The tragic passing of Nipsey Hussle is the loss of a true Hip Hop legend and all around extraordinary man. He was fatally shot Sunday in Los Angeles in front of his Marathon Clothing store. Thus far, fans, peers and fellow artists have united in sharing powerful memories of Hussle’s long-lasting impact. The reoccurring […]

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#bigbinkshow You Have to watch this whole interview in its entirety!  This was amazing! A white Nationalist and a Black Journalist trade views and opinions about the future of this country.  This was on News One Now with Roland Martin this week.  Check it out and see who you agree with.        


President Barack Obama met with President-elect Donald Trump at the White House on Thursday to discuss transitioning power to the Republican, who spent years attempting to delegitimize Obama’s presidency. The two men met in the Oval Office, and reporters were ushered into the room afterward to hear brief statements from the duo. Obama said he was “encouraged” by […]

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The President called an emergency meeting to address the Ebola scare in the U.S.  He said that information will continue to be updated and all people who are currently being treated/monitored will be cared for in a way that is consistent with Public Safety.  Here are the presidents words right HERE