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Maurizio Zanfanti, a legendary Italian playboy, has died at 63 while having sex.  The woman was 23 yr old tourist, from Romania in the back of a car. He suffered a fatal heart attack.

According to the local media there, he was once called “Italys most successful lover” and they say this is the way he would want to go out.

“Zanza died after doing what he did best — loving women,” Il Resto Del Carlino, a Bologna newspaper, reported.

The mayor of Rimini said Italy had lost “a legend of the night.”

Zanfanti started his illustrious career at age 17 in 1972 while working for a nightclub called Blow Up.

In his final interview with German newspaper Bild in 2014, he announced his retirement and said: “At 59, I’m getting too old for it.”

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