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With Opening Day fast approaching, most Ohioans know how essential it is to make a visit to Cedar Point amusement park. It is known around the world for its monstrous, sometimes record-breaking roller coasters.

For the 2019 season, Cedar Point announced a surprise attraction invading the park. For a short period of time, they’re unleashing an all-new interactive experience that allows guests to go for a ride inside a monster truck.

Welcome to “Monster Jam Thunder Alley.”

The attraction is very limited, running run from May 18 through June 30. Monster Alley will feature some of Monster Jam’s most popular trucks — including Grave Digger, Max-D, Megalodon, Zombie and El Toro Loco.

Here’s what you can expect at the “Monster Jam Thunder Alley” experience:

  • Monster Jam Freestyle Ride Truck Experience: Guests can strap in for a ride in a real Monster Jam truck. Board an all-new, 10-passenger Grave Digger or Megalodon truck for an unforgettable ride on a thrilling freestyle-inspired course. Guests will feel the roar of real Monster Jam action as the truck tackles the most obstacles on any ride truck track ever built.
  • Monster Jam Garage: Guests can interact with and learn how Monster Jam trucks come to life in this first-of-its kind Monster Jam Garage experience. They’ll have the opportunity to touch, feel and turn real Monster Jam elements that make these mechanical marvels soar. Guests can see how a 1,500-horsepower engine works, turn enormous 645-pound tires on an axle, see how oversized shocks absorb punishing landings and crank the gears inside of a real transmission.
  • Monster Jam Build-a-Truck: The little ones can let their imaginations take over as they build their very own mini Monster Jam truck. A small fee is required for this activity.
  • Monster Jam Treats: Grab some sweet treats as the event will also feature unique Monster Jam food and beverages exclusive to the park event.

Source: NBC4i