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Now i’ve been to Chuck E Cheese more times than I can count and on a couple of those occasions I thought I was gonna have to turn up on a couple of people because they couldn’t control their bad ass kids. But I kept a cool head but I can see how some people with no home training could tear the place up because it’s a free for all and there really isn’t a place for let’s say a private party unless you big ballin and you can rent the whole place out. But for the most part families are piled up on top of each other and when it gets busy on the weekend with birthday parties anything can pop off and i’ve seen families get into heated arguments over their kids but usually the adults will say what they have to say and walk away due to the fact that a all out brawl would harm to many children. Well this group didn’t get that memo sending 4 people to the hospital including one child. People say that over 8 people were involved with the fight that “tore up the games” that’s what one person told the 911 dispatch when they called in another said “There’s no weapons but one guys face is really messed up” when the police arrived many had already left and left Chuck E Cheese’s a bloody mess. Full Story Here