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Sorry for the delay but $hit happens just like it did on Episode 4 of the last season of the BEST SERIES EVER!! Let’s just start with after defeating the Night King and the army of the dead now the make shift army put together by King of the North “John Snow” and the true Queen of the 7 kingdoms Daenerys Targaryen and now they have their eyes set on taking back the “Iron Throne” but their armies are depleted and tired but the war must go on. And so against his better judgement John Snow agrees with Daenerys to march on the 7 kingdoms, in the process Gendry who Arya Stark had her way with right before the battle with the Night King is in love with little Arya and drops down on one knee proposes to her and she says HELL NO lets him know she’s not meant to be the lady of his house or anyone’s and that she still has more people to kill….Remember she has here killing list. And Brienne of Tarth FINALLY lets Jamie Lannister get them iron draws lol and then after taking her virginity leaves her to go back to his sister Cersei Lannister who is pregnant with his child and currently sitting on the “Iron Throne” oooookkkkkk now to the battle which hasn’t happened yet but soon so soon you can fell the dragons breath well hold up i mean dragon due to the fact that another dragon was killed when Euron Greyjoy shot down the dragon with a huge arrow when Euron ambushed Grey Worm and The Unsullied while they sailing to Kings Landing to fight Queen Cersei in the process Missandei was caught and be-headed in front of everyone causing everyone who watches the show to collectively take a big breath and shed a thug tear it’s messed up because this is just one of the many main characters that will get killed soon …..there is only a few episodes left. Soon next week we’ll begin what many have called “The Last War” hope your READY!!!