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“It was my life or his.”

Domestic violence victim

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A Franklin County woman shares her story of abuse and survival after she shot and killed her husband.

Jillian Caplinger killed her husband, Frank Caplinger, last year after years of alleged abuse she suffered. She shares her story with 10TV about the fatal night.

“Once I started finding out lies and stuff that was going on that he was hiding from me, I didn’t want no part of it anymore. I wanted away from it,” Jillian said. “That day that I asked him for the annulment and tried to walk out and leave, he sucker-punched me from behind and beat me and strangled me to where I couldn’t escape.”

She goes on to talk about the cycle of beatings, apologies and promises and more beatings in their household. How she was even ashamed to be seen in public with a black eye and bruises on her body.

Despite protection orders, Frank kept abusing his wife leading up to the fatal night when his wife shot him. After a 6-hour beating, Jullian was able to reach for her gun and shot her husband.

“He still continued to come after me. And he landed right at my feet — beside me. I was completely covered in blood and I was in total shock. I didn’t know what to do but get out of the house and get away from it.”

Jillian called the police but Frank was dead. His family denies Jillian’s allegation but police records show that Frank has had protection orders placed on him from his previous wife, two sisters and three others since 2002.

A Franklin County grand jury has cleared Jillian for the death of her husband.

If you are in an abusive relationship you can go to “Where’s The line” for help at

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