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Drake I'm Upset video

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If you thought Drake was petty before, you’ve never seen Drizzy Drake During the NBA Finals. Being the entertainer that he is you know that he would electrify the court, Some people had even call him the 6th raptors player. One of the pettiest things he had did was going to Instagram to troll Draymond Green. On the side lines he had took lint out of Steph Currys hair. The caption had read “Stephy Curry lint hair for sale on my eBay right now!!! username:Draymondshouldntwear23”. This set a frenzy on twitter leading it to trend. The Champagnepapi had then even go to call Draymond Green trash. With one game down and several to go, there is only more pettiness to go around.

Smash Mouth Warns Drake To Cool NBA Finals Sideline Antics, NBA Twitter Reacts
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