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Source: Nia Noelle / Nia Noelle

There are as many as 28 jurisdiction in Franklin County. With this information it makes it hard for there 28 sections to come together and communicate with one another. Sheriffs have said that it has been a huge problem when it comes to finding out what is going.

A source from WBSN had said “”[One chief] had officers in front of a school where there’s been an active shooter run put out, but it’s a different jurisdiction,” he said. “So, his people didn’t know about it and they’re driving by wondering why all the cruisers are coming in with lights and sirens and here’s an active shooter call.”

The say that bringing these 28 jurisdictions together is only a concept but, in 2018 $1 dollars was put to helping this concept come to light. They are requesting another $2 million dollars.

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