Governor Mike DeWine has made wearing masks while you are out side of your home mandatory. The new mask mandate goes in to effect tonight! Seven counties within the state of Ohio are undergoing the mask mandate, in effect at 6pm on July 8th. The counties include¬†Franklin, Hamilton, Butler, Montgomery, Huron, Cuyahoga and Trumbull. Due […]

The 614

The Franklin County Coroner’s Office says that recent social distancing can possibly trigger substance use and that everyone needs to maintain physical distance because of the COVID-19 pandemic but people are still encouraged to check in on friends and family. During this time is we all have a responsibility to make sure that those family […]

The 614

In a matter of hours 6 people overdosed on Monday and between the 6th of July and the 8th of July there were nine overdoses , Doctors have been conducting test to see if the the overdoes were fentanyl related and they recommend that family and friends have naloxone on hand if they live with […]

There are as many as 28 jurisdiction in Franklin County. With this information it makes it hard for there 28 sections to come together and communicate with one another. Sheriffs have said that it has been a huge problem when it comes to finding out what is going. A source from WBSN had said “”[One […]

The 614

It’s been in the works for 2 years and now it’s up and running ,Franklin County residents can now send text messages to 911 dispatchers. The new system will help the deaf community and victims of domestic violence dispatchers can now ask specific questions thru the text message. Right now dispatchers can’t receive pictures or […]