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When it happened it automatically got awkward , Yesterday on ESPN’s First Take LaVar Ball did what many are calling the unthinkable while doing a live guest

spot on the show talking about his son being traded from the Lakers and the future of the Lakers. Moderator of the show Molly Qerim who is married to Former

NBA All-Star and current ESPN analyst Jalen Rose , ask the group ( Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and LaVar Ball) to switch gears and to go into another topic,

it seemed at 1st Lavar didn’t hear what Molly said which prompted her to repeat herself and that’s when it went left after Ball replied “YOU can switch gears with

me ANYTIME” ……..AWKWARD……and it’s live TV .  At that moment everyone watching believed that Molly’s husband Jalen Rose was gonna pop up and knock the

**** outta Ball , but the First Take crew handled themselves like the pros they are and got past that moment without commenting on the situation live on the air

but they made a point to hurry and get to a commercial break to let Ball know how inappropriate his comments were, Ball apologized and said his comments

were taken the wrong way and he would never disrespect Molly or Jalen or their marriage ….But what do you think?? Did he shoot his shot and miss? Was he

disrespectful or just misinterpreted?