One of the most talked-about and highly anticipated documentaries slated to come out this year is “The Last Dance” a 10-part documentary series focused on Micheal Jordan’s last season with the Chicago Bulls. ESPN has been teasing this documentary since last year and it was supposed to air in June but due to the COVID-19 […]

The 614

We believe he’s #1 but the voting committee doesn’t live here in the great state of Ohio, only one man won the Heisman twice that man was our very own Archie Griffin. So when the list comes out and he’s not #1 I really have a problem the players that ESPN has in front of […]


Today ESPN pays homage to the man that gave the hood a reason to watch ESPN, Stuart Scott’s was the 1st announcer to use urban slang when describing a play. Two of his famous tag lines were “Boo-yah” and “Cooler than the other side of the pillow” he lost his battle with cancer in 2015 […]

When it happened it automatically got awkward , Yesterday on ESPN’s First Take LaVar Ball did what many are calling the unthinkable while doing a live guest spot on the show talking about his son being traded from the Lakers and the future of the Lakers. Moderator of the show Molly Qerim who is married […]

  In a recent interview on ESPN, underrated director, actor and all around bad ass, Ice Cube, basically confirmed the production of his final Friday sequal. Die hard fans of the infamous film have been asking and waiting for another film from Cube for quite some time now. In 2017, he initially teased a fourth sequel […]

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is reportedly in line to become the highest-paid on-air talent in ESPN history, according to the New York Post. Smith, who stars on “First Take” and has a syndicated talk show, currently makes $5 million per year. He has two years remaining on his contract and after that could be in […]

In fall of 2015 ESPN laid off about 300 people because of their struggling economic status and today (Wednesday April 26th) the network starting making more cutbacks that include on-air personalities this time. Sources are saying that ESPN is cutting around one hundred employees on this round some behind the scenes and many names you […]

Well, well, well. Sage Steele, everyone’s least favorite ESPN anchor, who loves to tell anyone who will listen just how “not black” she is, may have just found out about her blackness the hard way. It is being reported that Steele is officially out at ESPN and that she will be replaced by the blonde […]

With the NBA playoffs around the corner, ESPN is making a trade of its own. Longstanding  commentator Sage Steele is being replaced with Michelle Beadle as full-time host on NBA Countdown on ABC and ESPN. ESPN announced that Beadle will now host the pre-game and halftime shows on ABC as well as the studio shows throughout […]

3/22/17- Roland Martin talks to ESPN’s Bomani Jones about Colin Kaepernick‘s free agency and if he thinks the Quarterback is getting a fair deal since taking a stance last year. “I think he played fairly well last year. I don’t think he was bad. A lot of football people will make the argument about his […]

The former couple who still remain friends sat down for a one-on-one interview for ESPN.

Sports anchor Sage Steele has landed herself in hot water for the second time this week. First, she criticized Tampa Bay Buccaneer Mike Evans for refusing to stand for the National Anthem after Trump’s election. Now she’s under fire for a lengthy Facebook post about Black people’s apprehensive approach to diversity. “Instead of praising or uplifting […]