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In a recent interview on ESPN, underrated director, actor and all around bad ass, Ice Cube, basically confirmed the production of his final Friday sequal.

Die hard fans of the infamous film have been asking and waiting for another film from Cube for quite some time now. In 2017, he initially teased a fourth sequel to his 1995 cult classic.

“We’re working on one right now,” Cube said at the time. Although, Cube failed to provide extensive details about the forthcoming film, he revealed the working title of the final sequel. “We’re gonna call it ‘Last Friday,’” he said. But things have since been very hush hush about if the project was ever really going to come out.  

Cube has remained tight lipped until now! Two years later, he’s officially announced a potential release date for the highly anticipated film. 

During the latest episode of ESPN’s “The Jump,” Cube mentioned, “We finished the script, we are getting notes from the studio, and it’s going back and forth.”

He also suggested a potential release date. “It would be nice for this to come out on the 25th anniversary.”

The original film was released on April 26, 1995, grossing $28.2 million on a $3.5 million budget. The 25th anniversary would fall on April 26, 2020, which is less than a year away. 

Friday is such a staple within many communities around the world. Even with multiple sequels, Cube has managed to keep the flames fanned and fans haven’t gotten enough, decades later.

As a fan myself, it’s nothing less than fitting for Last Friday to top off a classic influential movie series.

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