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If you get the chance to travel overseas , please before you leave for whatever country your going to please look at their laws and customs. Because usually that country probably has some laws that we don’t have over here in the states and if your unaware of these laws you could end up in jail for a long time because you didn’t know and that’s not an excuse to them. This is a FACT that the homie ASAP Rocky has had to find out the hard way after a run in with a fan while walking thru the city the fan became unruly and actually hit Asap’s bodyguard with some headphones and then got mad that they broke and started to follow Asap and his crew around asking for them to replace his headphones. After watching the video you see Asap doing his best to keep the peace but to some people ain’t no peace so come get this smoke. And because the fan continued to follow Asap’s crew eventually , talking turned into and all out brawl and of course one of the 1st people arrested was the most famous person, LISTEN ALL OF YOU UP AN COMING RAPPERS OR SINGERS , STOP HAVE A MILLION DUDE AROUND YOU HANGING ON DOING NOTHING EXCEPT FOR DRINKIN’, SMOKIN’ OR JUST GETTING INTO SOME BS. Because the police don’t know them THEY KNOW YOU!! Right now Asap Rocky is sitting in a Swedish prison being treated like $hit and that’s some BS Full Story Here

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