Internships are definitely the way to work your way into a nice paying job. But apparently, the game is change. Now you can eat your way to the top (pause) and make a pretty penny while doing it.

While it may come with some clogged arteries and other long term health effects, California burger joint, Farmer Boys are looking to hire an intern willing to test bacon for a paid internship of $1,000 per day

According to the company, potential interns must post “a fun and engaging photo or video on their personal Instagram account explaining why they would be the best bacon intern for Farmer Boys,”

Farmer Boys said entries must be submitted by Aug. 20 to qualify, and that the winner will be announced on Aug. 27 on its Instagram page, @FarmerBoysFood.

Farmer Boys said the intern’s job will be to spend the day “pigging out ” on burgers and salads that include bacon, such as the Bacon Boy Cheeseburger and the Farmer’s Chopped Cobb Salad. The intern will also rate each bacon strip for flavor and thickness, as well as testing food items that are in development.

Farmer Boys, which started in 1981, has more than 90 restaurants in California and Nevada.

I’m not sure about a bacon internship, but let me know as soon as the Peanut Butter and Jelly internship becomes available because I’ll be all over that!

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