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Ray J Attends Meet-And-Greet For 'Homes 4 Heroes' Television Project

Source: Gabe Ginsberg / Getty

Ray J is still making some major money moves, taking things a step further in the weed market and adding another title to his impressive business resume.

The singer and entrepreneur invested $5 million into his own cannabis company, but now not only is he growing his own start-up, but he’s also become the Chief Strategic Media Officer for a new crowdfunding company called Fundanna. 

“The 1st Regulation Crowdfunding platform for cannabis businesses” is comparable to Kickstarter… but for cannabis. Ray’s deal says he receives $1 million per year in return for him to star in infomercials to attain more investors into the weed industry and enlighten potential investors on possible high financial returns.

With Snoop Dogg as a first cousin and tons of other smoking celebs in the industry, Ray should have endless connections at his fingertips.

Source: Baller Alert