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Former Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Greg Robinson was arrested and remained in a West Texas jail without bond Wednesday after federal agents said they found 157 pounds of marijuana in a rented vehicle in which he and two other people were riding. Robinson, 27, and another man are being charged with conspiracy to possess marijuana […]


Browns running back Kareem Hunt was cited for a traffic violation and police say they found marijuana in his car. He was pulled over Tuesday afternoon in Rocky River, Ohio — on Cleveland’s west side — while driving on Interstate 90. An incident report said officers smelled marijuana in car. Hunt, who was suspended eight […]

  The marijuana industry is a legit billion-dollar business. Despite the constant debate, stigmas, and misconceptions about marijuana use and the true benefits of the plant, it has managed to thrive in our society. With legalization happening nationwide, cannabis is not only a hot topic but a healing property but a booming business. Everyone, from […]

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Got Damnit Batman!! This is just crazy, that Mike smokes this much because if you break it all the way down this is how much he spends $480k per yr, $40k per month, $10k per week ,$1,400 per day and 285 per blunt if you smoke 5 a day!! WTF!! Full Story Here

Ray J is still making some major money moves, taking things a step further in the weed market and adding another title to his impressive business resume. The singer and entrepreneur invested $5 million into his own cannabis company, but now not only is he growing his own start-up, but he’s also become the Chief […]

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Currently there are 21 conditions which qualify as conditions for purchasing medical marijuana. As of last month two more conditions have been added to the list those two are anxiety and autism spectrum disorder. In the past many questioned why anxiety had be left off the list and even started a petition to get the […]

Former NBA all star, Paul Pierce, is officially launching his own CBD company that will cater to the needs of athletes. The U.S. is quickly becoming a more weed-friendly nation, but there are still many stipulations and biases surrounding the Earth-grown plant. Pierce, former Celtics star and now ESPN basketball analyst, is making strides to […]

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Young Jeezy said it best, “Don’t get caught!” Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers seized 33 pounds of marijuana worth $165,000 on April 29th. The discovery happened during a routine traffic stop after the driver made a lane violation on I-70. A unit with a patrol drug-sniffing dog alerted the trooper. A probable search was conducted […]


Good news, weed smokers, your favorite day is approaching and one of your fave rapper is coming with the new vibes that you can listen to. Wiz tweeted to his 33millions fans on twitter, “Im droppin another project on 4/20. Don’t forget,” Wiz tweeted on Sunday (April 14). “It’s called Fly Times Vol. 1: The Good […]


The Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA, in Texas is looking for a Houston-area contractor to incinerate evidence including drugs. The contractor must be able to burn various items like papers, cassette tapes, bulk marijuana, pharmaceuticals, and other incidental controlled substances. A focal point of the gig is to be able to burn 1,000 pounds of marijuana […]


March 28 is known as National Weed Appreciation Day! Im  not talking about the weed you smoke but the weeds that a lot of time you like to kill when its making your grass look and smell bad. Remember dandelions,  and you would play with them as a child. Dandelions are more than just a […]

Imagine hanging out with a friend, deciding to utilize what appears to be an empty house to have a smoke session and you end up discovering a whole tiger inside! Well this very thing happened to a man in Houston, Texas! Apparently, the person entered the home to smoke weed and was surprised to find […]