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It’s football season and right now the only Ohio team doing anything on the field of play is our Buckeye’s , right now the Bucks look unbeatable winning their first 3 games this young season by 40 points. I mean sure they played some horrible teams and they don’t really play a ranked team until like week 8 but hey it’s our Bucks SOOOOOOO LET’S GOOOOOO!!!  Now let’s talk about the Ohio pro teams, it’s not good so far , the Bengal’s suck and i mean really suck they can’t even win in practice . This past Sunday they got destroyed by the 49’s and they haven’t beat anyone by more than 10 points in 10 years and they beat the Bengal’s by 30!! Don’t really know if the Bengal’s can bounce back but we shall see , and then there’s the Brown’s who are some peoples pick to win the Superbowl, now true all of those people live in Cleveland but they are supposed to be good at least a playoff team. The Browns season didn’t start off good but that’s one game their next game is against a team they should smash on paper but that’s why we play the game. The best thing to happen this weekend though was that the Pittsburgh Steelers LOST!!!!