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A new “Back to School” themed public service announcement has surfaced from the group Sandy Hook Promise. The PSA depicts how kids could be forced to use everyday school essentials to fight for their lives in the event of a school shooting.

The 67-second advertisement debuted today and begins with cheery scenes of young students at school, showing off their new back-to-school items.

The video slowly unfolds to show students using those very same supplies to react to a school shooting. One boy, seen running down the hall in terror, comments that his new sneakers are “just what I need for the new year.” Another girl uses her “must have” jacket to tie a door closed. Another boy uses his skateboard to shatter a classroom window in an attempt to escape.

The Sandy Hook Promise team says the intent of the video is to shed light on the unfortunate and gruesome reality that students face in the United States.

A Sandy Hook parent, Nicole Hockley, helped develop the organization’s annual PSA. In an interview on NBC’s TODAY Show, Hockley stated that they don’t want people to turn away from it, “so pretending it doesn’t exist is not helping to solve it.

After watching the video, it leaves a concerned parent to wonder, how else do you prepare your child to react in a time like this?!

The final chilling scene in the PSA slowly zooms in on a girl hiding in a bathroom. She uses a smart phone to text “I love you mom.” She then sobs as the sounds of a door squeak open, followed by heavy footsteps.

Below you can check out another PSA created by Sandy Hook Promise. This ad take the approach of the shooter’s point of view.


Source: 10TV