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Remember it’s not how you start the game its how you finish the game! This is something that the Browns and Bengals had to learn the hard way this weekend after both teams started off they’re respected games winning for the 1st time in a long time. Both teams came out like game breakers , the Browns almost scored on the 1st play of the game and the Bengals did score on the 1st play of the game. And in the 1st half both teams were playing out of their minds and then the second half came and reality set in and in the famous words of one of the extras in the movie “The WaterBoy” “We Suck Again”. Yeah after the Browns and Bengals came back out for the second half , it was all bad both teams left their skills and heart in the locker room and the refs didn’t help at all but that’s why you win the game on the field and keep it out of the refs hands currently the Browns have won only 2 games while losing 4 and the Bengals haven’t won a game all season. Our Buckeye’s were off this week an although they should’ve moved up in the rankings after #3 Georgia lost , they remain at #4 in the polls and our quest for another national championship is still on! Our Bluejackets won this weekend beating the Hurricanes 3-2