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The one L. A. Rams fan I know is ecstatic after last night’s trade which sent superstar cornerback Jalen Ramsey from the Jacksonville Jaguars to the Las Angeles Rams. Ramsey is considered the best cornerback in the game right now but wanted out of Jacksonville after he and management could no longer see eye to eye and he demanded a trade. The only problem was that Ramsey had two years left on his contract and Jacksonville assured him that they wouldn’t trade him unless the got back something groundbreaking from another team and it didn’t look like that would happen this season. Ramsey has missed most of the season tell the team he was sick, and it looked like his “sickness” would keep him out this year and maybe next unless he was traded. The Rams changed all of that last night sending 2 first-round picks and one 4 round pick to the Jags for Ramsey. This move makes the Rams automatically better, the question is will this fix the Rams season which has been up and down, does this move make the Rams the favorite in the NFC and catapult them back to the Super Bowl? Only time will tell.

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